Increments is a show for coders and technologists about coming up for air once a while, evaluating where we are in our careers, and being intentional with our professional aspirations.

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Season 1

  • Episode 106: Frenetic

    Someone I know, someone I consider a mentor, recently called me 'frenetic.' And it was a fair criticism - but one I think that could use a little explaining.

  • Episode 105: The Website

    Continuing with the theme of commitments, I wanted to share a story from earlier in my career. In 2007 I launched a website that went viral. It was bigger than I could have imagined, bigger than I'd dreamed, bigger than I'd intended, and demanded more commitment from me than I had prepared to give.

  • Episode 104: Languishing

    Just a short one this week - rather than listen to me, a recent episode from Adam Grant's WorkLife podcast is worth giving a listen, and considering - especially as it relates back to last week's episode. Listen to: Adam Grant - How to stop languishing and start finding flow

  • Episode 103: What Are You Doing About Your Fears?

    After talking about fears, let's do something about them. Let's make some commitments, and take some steps towards putting them to rest. Maybe all your worst fears about yourself are true - but if they are, taking the right next steps won't keep them true for long.

  • Episode 102: Your Thoughts on Fears

    Recapping the responses to the questionnaire about your fears (What are you afraid of, and how do you manage your fears). The responses were interestingly consistent and I was asking myself why that may be, and how that relates back to what this whole experiment with Increments is all about.

  • Episode 101: (Re)Starting with Vulnerability

    Season "0" was just getting started, helping me iron out kinks and figure this thing out... incrementally. We'll be coming back to the topic of Growth many times throughout, but for now we're pivoting to Season 1 where we'll be talking a bit about fears and vulnerability.

Season 0

About Alishah Novin

Coder for 16+ years

Leader & Mentor for 11+ years

Manager & Director for 10+ years

Speaker for 9+ years

Agile Transformer for 7+ years

Alishah has been a professional Software Engineer for more than 16 years, and has coded his whole life. He's worked with 2 Fortune 200 companies and 5 start-ups. His career has spanned multiple industries including Healthcare, FinTech and 10 years in the disruptive Software Robotics / Automation space. In 2009, one of his personal projects was ranked as one of the top 100 sites by PCMag. As a Director of Engineering, he has overseen multiple large teams of Engineers and Data Analysts. He was awarded as the 2017 Software Engineer of the Year with the Nashville Technology Council and recognized once more in 2020 as the Community Leader of the Year. Currently he is a Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft.